What Did You Do Today?


“Women approaching menopause often complain of memory loss and an inability to concentrate. Misplaced car keys, skipped appointments, and forgotten birthdays, but these memory lapses are a normal symptom of menopause. It is mostly associated with low levels of estrogen and with high stress levels.”

I found this quote today on a website I was scouring and I think I am going to hold onto that one.  Everyone seems to have their own name for it, AAADD (Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder), CRS (Can’t Remember Shit), whatever you want to call it, the endgame is always the same.  I’m exhausted from such a busy day but when The Hub innocently asks, “what did you do today?”  I got nothing….I can’t tell you what I DID because I only STARTED or MEANT to do stuff.  Nothing was actually accomplished.  It goes a little like this…see if it rings a bell:

7:00am I start out making coffee and loading the dishwasher from the night before.  All is well.  Dishwasher loaded, coffee made – CHECK!  I sit down to read the news of the day and checkout my funny friends posts on Facebook…simple, no problem. I pour my coffee and realize my creamer is getting low…need a grocery list because that’s the 3rd or 4th thing we are low on, so a trip to the Big Bird store is probably in order.  I go back to my laptop to print out a copy of my grocery list that I keep on my desktop (so I can just check off what we need and I don’t have to REMEMBER ANYTHING!!!) and I see that my awesome smart ass friend has posted a smart ass comment on my status…I laugh and must post a response, but then I see that Becca has just posted about cleaning her house and I look around and think, yeah…I need  to do that too.  I mean keeping this clean cannot be THAT hard…those shoes have a place….if only the boys would PUT them where they go, I mean it’s not that hard, see?  And I go pick up all the shoes and put them in the broom closet.

And I see the broom.  It won’t take THAT long to sweep the kitchen, so let’s just get it done and I pull out the broom and dustpan. First I have to move the laundry INTO the laundry room, and while I’m here, I might as well fold the load that in the dryer and move everything along.  But there is no where to hang the clothes that come out so I better take the boys clothes up to their room.

I open the door to the mess that IS a teen boys room and I am smacked in the face by the smell of Axe, sweat and dirty socks.  I put the clothes in his closet and open a window so I can breathe and I see that there is dirt on the window sill from the last storm that blew in.  I need a paper towel to clean that off…we keep some in the hall linen closet.  While I’m in the closet, I might as well get out new sheets for both boys beds because that’s probably what stinks so bad!  I will also need some clorox spray or something to get the dirt off so I go back to the laundry room to find some cleaner.  Oh look!  Now there is room to hang the clothes that are in the dryer, but I need baskets for the folded stuff…those are in the basement because the boys used them as sleds last night (DON’T ASK).

Down to the basement I go where I see the TV is still on from the video games last night and there are Gatorade bottles all over the floor!  Mental note is made to ground the boys until the place is sparkling clean again…and they will have to clean their rooms…SHIT.  What did I come down here for??  I look at my lonely dusty work out equipment and think I need to make a schedule and a plan for how I am going to get back on the workout wagon.  “It’s good for me and I feel so much better when I am working out”, I think as I walk back up the stairs empty handed.

Now it’s 10:00 and I’m not showered, I’m still hungry, I have cold coffee, no grocery list and SOMEONE had started a bunch of jobs and left everything out!  Sheets, Clorox, broom, dustpan…and it’s really cold upstairs???

Happy Sunday!


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