How lucky am I?


I wrote this entry a few days ago then decided not to post it because it was taking way too long to get to the point I wanted to make.  I didn’t really finish it because I just thought for a blog, it was getting too long…but I am so lucky to have these people and many more that I didn’t even get to! So, I couldn’t cut anything out because each and every person is just too important. But I also didn’t want to make it so long that no one would read it.  So today I decided to post it anyway and just tell you from the onset that my point here is my own self realization that I have people from all phases and ages of my past in my life and how incredibly lucky I feel.  Here’s the entry…good luck getting to the end, but you already know the ending!

At what age do you remember your first “friend”?  My first memory was somewhere around 3 years old and I remember playing in a room with dolls and this other chick…she wanted to play with my dolls too and I don’t think I was really happy about that.  But I remember getting used to the idea and she seemed nice enough, I guess, for a 3 yr old , anyway…I must have liked her because that is just the first of many many memories of that Chick, Julie.

Then we moved.  All the way out to “the country” and I only got to see Julie on Sunday’s at church. My first friends at my new school were Suzi (she was a new 1st grader too) and Meri (she wasn’t new).  I remember watching “The Letter People”  (ya know, Miss A – Achooo!) in first grade with my new friends and playing tetherball on the playground.  I remember vividly Meri’s horse and loved sleeping over at Suzi’s playing “light as a feather, stiff as a board”.

The Chester Girls

Then Meri moved and I went to private school. I saw Meri occasionally and still talked to Suzi on the phone sometimes.  At my new school Kelly was my first friend then Sheri and Megan.  Kelly showed me the ropes and although we didn’t stay close over the years, I always considered her one of my friends.  Sheri, Megan and I were inseparable for a long time and my favorite memory is the 3 of us sitting in our pajamas on a Saturday morning at Megan’s house out in the rain in her backyard.  The three of us stayed friends, but we went to high school and nothing was ever the same again as it was that awesome Saturday morning.

Sheri, Me & Meg - Cedar Point '86

When I was a teenager, my friends were the people I hung out with.  They were in my classes or on my team or somehow involved in what I was involved in.  They were fun!  Sheri, Sarah, Lo, Nic, Shan, John, Kick and so many others.  I didn’t really fit into one clique or another, so I just floated around. These are the ones I shared my first “drink” with, went to my first party with, drove my first car with, and so many more memories!

Shan & I - late 80's

Nic and I

Sarah and I - Graduation '89

In college, I had my dorm friends who were my first friends at Kent (Audra, Lynn and Stacy) and when I joined a sorority (yes, I’m a sorority chick!) I met Lynn, Dianne and Sue.  Let me tell you about Lynn, Di and Sue…amazing women, amazing friends – no other way to explain them!

Lynn, Stacy, Audra and Me - Halloween '89

Since college, there are my neighborhood friends, my work friends, my kids friends parents (who have become my friends)…So many outstanding people that I am honored to call my friends.  Annie, Lori, Debbie, Maureen, Jess, Janice, Katherine and just so many more that I haven’t even mentioned!  There just isn’t enough room here!!!

Throughout my life I have met so many people and found some truly outstanding ones.  I guess I’m a “friend collector” because I keep all the friends I make.  What a gift!  As I sit here and think about the people I’ve met and the meaning they have to me, I get a bit teary-eyed.   Julie was in my wedding some 20 years after that first memory and I was in hers 5 years after that.  I had an amazing dinner with Suzi just a month ago and a long catchup phone call with Meri just 2 weeks ago. I talked Sheri, Sarah, Nic, Shan and John by text in the past week.  Lo and I problem solved and planned on a call last week.  I spent a fantastic day at the beach with Audra and Lynn this summer.  Annie sent me pictures recently and we had a good laugh.

Di's 40th - Di, Me, Sue, Lynn

Sue, Di and Lynn are in my life all the time in one way or another…we’ve shared marriages and divorce, numerous births and too many deaths, asked each other the tough questions and found the answers, we’ve pigged out together, exercised and dieted together. We have laughed, cried, smiled and raged together.  Together we are a solid wall and can take anything thrown at us.

I am so lucky to have friends from birth to now who I still get to see and talk to and laugh about old times and new.  I don’t know what I would do without each and every one of them.  Whether you are mentioned here or not, you know who you are

The morning after my 40th surprise Bday party - Lynn, Di, Sue, Me, Meri, Kick & John


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    • Oh Tam, this was an incredible post, thank you for sharing. I am honored to be one of the friends you have collected over the years! I love you right back and then some! Keep on blogging, short or long, I love reading them, as they make me think and ponder! Love you! -Suey

  1. Love it Tam! And you can’t take too many words to say that you are thankful for your friends. You are blessed. But it’s because you are such a good friend to those around you. Funny, trust worthy and always there for us…who are the lucky ones?! Love you!

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