(D), (R), or (N)?


I cannot tell you how much I HATE politics. I cannot stand most politicians and although I am very grateful that we have peaceful election days, I despise the period leading up to them.  The calls, the commercials, the trash talk, the bashing…it has just become so much that we as voters are almost desensitized. What is issue 1?  What’s an SB and why do I care? Who is running?  If these questions are asked, one might assume the questioner doesn’t care and is too lazy to pay attention to the world around him.  Not necessarily so.  It’s the same reason why we consistently have 32% voter turnout.  Pathetic.  But WHY???  We aren’t all Lazy Americans…

Nope, not lazy, just can’t take it anymore!  Let’s talk about one annoyance at a time:

1. Recorded Calls – This is one sure way to lose my vote for GOOD!!! I would rather shove Bamboo sticks under my nails than listen to the recorded drivel you can’t take the time to tell me face to face. Add THIS to your poll…-1

2. Commercials – If I ever win the lottery I am going to spend as much as necessary to buy up all of the political ad space for the week before the election on as many networks as I can.  I will run a white screen with this saying:


I think every political ad should be rated.  T=100% Truth, B=not untrue, but swayed a bit (biased), P = Parts are true, some are not, watch at your own risk, and finally TFL = total freaking lie.  Ratings will be assigned by a diverse group of average citizens who are actually informed and who actually vote.

3. Trash Talk – Good people will no longer run for public office because of the affect it will have on their families.  WHAT???  The founding fathers are rolling over in their respective graves right now…being an elected official used to be an honor!  Serving your country in the government used to be called a public DUTY.  “Civil SERVANT” ring a bell? Holy Crap…the bad guys are winning!  WHY?  Because We, The People have allowed the scum in the media to decide what is true and what is holy.  We have let the lowlifes that have made a career out of digging up instances where politicians have been <GASP> imperfect humans, rule our decisions and we have let the mudslinging become the campaign.  Not what actually matters.  That’s on us.  We can stop it by not listening to what they dig up, but by deciding our voted based on the issues and the research WE do.

4. Bashing – similar to trash talk, but taken a bit further.  Flat out lies of what passing one issue will do or not passing another will ruin the lives of…you know where this goes.  If we elect A, our lives will be better, but if we elect B we will go down in a steaming ball of crap.  It’s ridiculous.  The politicians are there to run the big picture…the country, the government, to ensure I am safe and can run my life according to my individual beliefs and values. They are not elected to make me happier or richer or more content, that’s MY job.

I think we have become a discordant society for many reasons.  I think the media has pitted us against each other, the government has become a den of big babies who have to have their way or no way, and We, The People have become so densitized to the process that we no longer pay attention.  It’s time to wake up and take it back into our hands, where it was meant to be.  That means turn off the ads, toss out the postcards and put sensationalist journalists out to pasture.  READ up on the issues and try to actually read the legislation(if you can break thru the gobbledygook!); RESEARCH your own issues and candidates on your own, for and against; TALK to others, different insights and experiences can give you unique perspectives.

It doesn’t matter if you are (D), (R) or (N) or (G) or (XYZ).  We owe it to ourselves to expect a higher standard from ourselves and those we choose to elect.


<stepping down from soapbox now>


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  1. Amen sista! You go girl! How bout you run for office and set em all straight! I’d vote for you! They all drive me crazy. PS. I am gonna start considering myself XYZ! LOL

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