The Reluctant Post

I’ve been holding this one in the hopper for a while, not sure if I should post because it feels undone, incomplete and definitely a sensitive subject.  But I think the point of a blog is to get people thinking and talking…and this just might do it.  At least for the 5 of you that read my inconsistent blather…Read on…


Prayers. Positive Vibes. Good Thoughts. Focused energy. Hope.  It’s all the same isn’t it?  I usually stay away from political and religious talk, but I think this one is really neither.  Religion is just a name; a name for a set of beliefs.

I was raised going to church every (well, almost) Sunday and saying Grace before eating.  Christmas Eve Services and Easter Sunday for sure. I was a part of youth group and went to Sunday School.  I learned the Golden Rule and was baptized when I was “ready”.  We weren’t “Bible thumpers” but I was taught (and still believe) that there is a higher power than myself.

I have never met another person that doesn’t agree.  They may call it 10 different things, but really…we all believe in the same basic principals. Don’t we?  Not really having a “religion”, I have been interested in many different practices, such as Reiki, Polarity, The Secret, and about 5 different  organized religions.  At their core, they all say the same thing.  They all say it a bit differently….

  1. Your body is your temple.  Take care of it and the higher power will take care of it too.
  2. Be nice to others. Respect those that came before you.  Learn from everyone and everything.
  3. Think about good things!  Think about how you want your life to be.  Visualize your happiness. (also known as PRAYING)
  4. Get negative, mean, angry, vindictive thoughts out of your head.  Those thoughts grow and will consume the mind that is part of your temple.
  5.  Take time to be quiet.  Not just rest, but time to listen to what is going on in the world, nature, your family, your friends.
  6. Be thankful.  What you have and where you are is because of YOU and your choices.  Be thankful for that. (see also: PRAYING)
  7. Collective thoughts can change the world.  Group prayer, good vibes, positive energy.  This is why we ask people to pray for our friends who are sick or need a lift.  It DOES make a difference.
  8. There are consequences to your actions.

One of the reasons I never talk with people about religion is not only because it is such a divisive issue, but because it is SO personal. Look back at the basic principals I just listed.  None of those are dependent on someone else.  They are all dependent on YOU!  What YOU do and how YOU act.  Whether you choose to follow the stories in the Bible the Torah or the Koran, the basic principals apply to you and only you.  It is the ultimate personal responsibility.

Naturally, humans defend their choices and their belief system.  This leads to arguments over who is wrong and who is right.  Last time I checked, opinions cannot be wrong…FACTS can be wrong, and if opinion is based on wrong facts then opinion can be skewed, or misled.  But an opinion cannot be wrong.

This is why no one has the right to choose your religion for you.  They don’t have the right to criticize your choice or to judge the right-ness or wrong-ness of your beliefs.  It is personal.  It is yours.

See?  Not quite finished.  But I don’t know where else to go with it.  I said what I wanted…I’m done.  Discuss… 

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