Life is Good


“Life is Good”   I have a friend that repeats that mantra everyday and everywhere she goes to everyone she meets.  Remember I told you about my friends?  About how lucky I am to have the friends I have?  They span my whole life and are amazing people that I love to be around.  If not, read it now here.  In that post I told you about Sue, Lynn & Di who I met when I pledged Delta Zeta in college and how we are a “solid wall that can take anything thrown at us”.  They are amazing women and the best and goofiest of friends.  (You should know by now that I put a very high premium on goofy)

A few years ago, we were dealt some devastating news.  Dianne was diagnosed with brain cancer.  As you can imagine, everything changed at that moment.  Our bond became deeper and more important than it ever was before.  We have put a new focus on getting together and being together and checking in with each other often instead of going months in-between like most adult friendships.  Dianne’s tests and charts have shown amazing things over the last 3 or so years.  The “little friend” as we like to call it, has not taken over her life OR her brain.  Her attitude has been one of positive thinking and abounding gratitude for everything and everyone she has in her life.  She even thanks “my little friend” for giving her the clarity to decide what was truly important so she could focus her life.  THAT’S an amazing woman right there.

Yesterday I received a text from this amazing 5’3″ woman that said her scans were unchanged and blood tests were great!  If you’ve ever been through cancer treatment with a friend or family member or even yourself, you know those words are like angels singing.  Of course I was thrilled so I called her to feel some of her excitement and happiness. And we had the funniest conversation that I appreciate so much and KNOW you will too.  Di said she had trouble multi tasking like she used to…I said, “Yeah, but we ARE in our 40’s.  I’ve noticed the same thing”.  Di said she doesn’t remember things like she used to…I said “Have your read my account of my lost days?”  She laughed.  Di said she finds it hard to focus on one thing for too long…I said “What?  I was doing something else, can you repeat that?”

It was short and sweet but we came to the conclusion that while the tumor is there and most likely always will be, we don’t want to give the little bitch too much credit.  And we ended the conversation with “Well, I don’t remember why I started this conversation…but I gotta run.  I love you”  And I love you too, Di!



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