It’s the last day of school!  No more pencils, no more books, no more Teacher’s dirty looks!  Zach Tom beach

No more homework fights, no more bedtime nagging, no more tests, no more calls at precisely 8pm from the school computer that states “A Student in your household named Jackass in grade Y was assigned a homework club today” OR “was absent from their 2nd period class”. Honestly, the fact that I know the exact verbiage of that call should explain enough why when I see 921-7000 come up on my caller ID I cringe and have a sudden feeling of want to punch that computer voice in the larynx.

No more listening to excuses for a grade that was obviously well deserved based on the square root of the number of times I was told “we don’t have homework in that class”.  No more “Oh Mom?  I need poster board for tomorrow.  Sorry, I forgot” at 10pm, right after CVS closes and I just settle down on the couch.  No more checking the online grading system incessantly until I’m satisfied my diligent students are on the right track then trusting they have FINALLY learned how important their grades are…only to log back in a week later and find out that is not yet the case. No more emails proclaiming that my teenaged garbage disposals have burned thru another small fortune on their lunch account and I need to replenish their stash.

My teens will skip home from their last finals and talent shows with huge smiles and big plans and book bags full of crap I bought them last Fall that never made it out of their blackhole thing they call a locker, with excitement in their hearts and a head full of plans now that they are FREE from the tyranny of SCHOOL!

Today is a day that I celebrate!  I look forward to the last day of school and the release of these last 9 months of constant pressures and deadlines and rules!  And then as I glow in the warm light that is the summer sun and I drink my coffee for the last time at 6:20 am on my patio (at least until August 19th) I think, oh shit,  It’s summer!

Have you ever played  Where’s Waldo?  Or 20 questions?  Or I spy?  That’s kind of how my summer goes…ever try to find YOUR kid at the pool because he hasn’t answered a call or returned a text in 3 hours (that is a major offense to the 10 commandments of the Marquardt Household.  We will be addressing those in another post).  It’s a game of where’s Waldo!!  Ever try to find out the plans for an evening but the kid will only answer yes or no?  Believe me it takes more than 20 questions to get to the bottom of it!

I want my boys to love summer like I did…the freedom and the friends and the adventures!  But as they get older, I am hoping and praying that they are smarter than I was and that they don’t risk themselves like I did and that they use their time for good and not stupid…unlike I did.  I am also hoping they make good, fun, warm weather memories…like I did.  And that they can sit back, when their kids are teenagers and worry about how they can protect their own kids from doing all that stupid & dangerous (but memorable and SO FUN) stuff that they never should have gotten away with when they were that age.



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