I think I’m going to make this blog more of a diary than I have in the past.  I’m running into “blocks” too easily and I think I might be taking this whole writing thing too seriously.  It was never meant to be good…just a release for my frustrations, thoughts and wishes.  I’m not positioning my blog to go viral at any point because that takes WAY more work than I’m willing to put into it!  And plus, I’ve got this little side job called parenting and my hobby, real estate.  So blogging won’t be a career, just a vehicle…let’s not take it too seriously.

This past week was frantic and fantastic. I have these 3 guys who have been like brothers to me since High School and I got to hang out with them and some rugrats they’ve collected along the way.  PLUS, one of them just married an amazingly sweet woman who I just adore, so that makes it all the better.  I thought alot this week about why just being around these guys makes me happy and I think its because nothing has changed and I doubt it ever will. The 4 of us have been thru alot in our individual lives from travelling to injury to marriage to divorce to children to losing parents.  We have lost touch and reunited and nothing ever changed…There have been celebrations and consolations: Love and hugs, frustration and tears. But through it all, there is always something funny…and these guys find it and point it out.  So we can laugh through something heartbreaking which some may call inappropriate.  I call it awesome.

In my life I wear many hats: Mom, wife, daughter, Realtor, teacher, mentor, (apparently maid, short order cook, and taxi-driver, too).  And all of those things are part of me, but sometimes being all of those things.I lose sight of what it feels like to just be…me.  The girl that likes hiking and the outdoors, the one who laughs at just about any and everything, the girl who loves a campfire and Sun Country wine coolers.  No worries, just a healthy outlook and hope that “every little thing’s gonna be alright”.  In my everyday life I lose sight of that girl and these guys, just being around them, brings me back there and reminds me who I am and what’s important.  I treasure that.

Of course we can only get together physically about 1-2 times a year and did we get a picture?  No, no…of course not.  Here’s what happened last time we all got together

just a serious picture

…And that was supposed to be the “serious picture…







Here’s actually a really good one of all of us

All 4

….except for the evil, devil eyes….

Anyhoo…my point is I love these guys and after spending time with them, I feel like I’ve pushed a reset button inside me.  I’m refreshed and grounded and can get back to being me.

It was a great week 🙂


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